Heart Rescue, LLC - CPR, First Aid Training & AED Sales
What We Offer:
  • 25 years of experience and dependability.
  • FREE consultation with any size business interested in developing an on-site emergency medical response team.
  • FREE consultation for determining a need for an AED as well as the best logistical placement of the unit.
  • Set up, installation, application for approval and continuous maintenance of the AED unit.
  • On or off site training and certification in CPR/First Aid and AED.
  • Scheduled on-site drills to assure emergency preparedness.
Our Classes Offer:
  • 2 year certification in First Aid, CPR and AED from the American Heart Association, the nationally recognized authority in resuscitation and emergency cardiac care.
  • Specific scenario based training with maximum hands-on experience.
  •  Professional instructors who will give you the tools to save lives.
  • Our goal is for you to have fun and for this to be the best class you've ever taken!
Learning CPR is fun and easy.  There is no written test for lay rescuers (non health-care providers).
AEDs are in-expensive, very accurate and easy to use. With a few hours of training, anyone can learn to operate an AED safely. There are many different brands of AEDs but the same basic steps apply to all of them. Does your company have what it takes to save a life?
Call today for class scheduling and pricing.
 20% discount for EMS, Fire and Police
 10% discount for non-profit organizations
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